Dzing is a digital account created for the modern lifestyle. Dzing welcomes everyone – no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do.

Dzing offers accounts in multiple currencies, international transfers are executed in seconds at great rates, and our Mastercard® partner cards connect you with your loved ones – no matter how far apart you may be.


Our mission

As the world becomes ever more globalised, we feel it in our everyday lives. We travel more, and we’re seldom bound to a single country – increasingly, our clients and friends come from all over the world.

The traditional banking system was not designed to support today’s way of living, but Dzing is. Dzing was born to address your banking needs by providing speed, convenience, transparency, and fair rates.

We are convinced that our customers deserve a financial services partner that evolves with them and anticipates their needs at every stage of life. For young adults and students, we offer refillable Partner Cards that can be controlled and topped up by their parents. The new professional will discover that features such as multi-currency accounts and affordable worldwide money transfers can be indispensable — no matter how far from home their journey takes them. Parents will love the flexibility and control of the Dzing Partner Card for their children’s nanny, aunt, or any other caretaker who incurs expenses on behalf of their family.

Dzing is not just another app taking up valuable space on your smartphone. Our aspiration is to make Dzing an organic part of your routine by removing the element of inconvenience from your financial affairs.

When you travel, you won’t have to worry about extortionate currency conversion rates and hidden surcharges. When you remit money to your loved ones, you will do so in a few seconds from your smartphone. When you shop, you will be protected by our advanced security features and rewarded through our partnership programs. By no means is this a comprehensive list of all the ways Dzing can be of service – exciting new features are already on the way!

Dzing was designed specifically to be there for you whenever you need it, and to do so in a sustainable way. Many of our cards are manufactured using 100% earth-friendly, recyclable materials.  We look forward to a long and prosperous journey together.



Who are You?


You study abroad

With Dzing, opening an account takes seconds, moving money to and from your family is fast and commission-free* – and you get to pick the currency you want your balance displayed.

*Where available


You work away from your home country

With Dzing, you can send money to your family in seconds with zero commission. You can also connect multiple cards to your account to be used by family members, and set spending limits if needed.


You are a freelancer, contractor, part-time worker, or self-employed

With Dzing, getting paid from abroad in multiple currencies is easy, and your clients don’t pay an additional commission – which they’ll appreciate. The service also allows you to separate personal and business expenses and use our intuitive visual interface for budgeting.


The plane is like your second home

With Dzing, you won’t have to worry about payments abroad. Dzing automatically adjusts to the currency of the country you’re visiting and gives you the best available exchange rate.