Get a Dzing Mastercard® and discover a world of amazing features with Dzing Core. It’s free and it’s easy to use. When you are ready to upgrade, please explore Dzing Premium and Dzing Elite.



UK account

Open a UK account, even if you don’t have a UK address.

To get you started all we’ll need is your name and a valid e-mail address.   

Many ways to top up your account

To make your first deposit, use any bank card or request a transfer from a friend

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Multicurrency accounts

Open accounts in multiple currencies and spend your money with minimal commissions and great exchange rates

Total Wallet

View your account balances in GBP, EUR, USD or any other supported currency

Pick a currency to display your account balance, and let Dzing do the conversions for you

Free money transfers
between Dzing users

Transfers between you and other Dzing cardholders are free.

Invite your friends and family to download Dzing!


Fast and reliable money transfers

With Dzing, domestic and international money transfers are easy and straightforward.*

* Excludes jurisdictions and financial institutions restricted by law

Airtime Top Up

Stay connected – pay for your mobile phone from your app as you go (coming soon).

Security for
your finances

Freeze and unfreeze your card with a tap. See your transactions in real-time.

Suspicious transactions are monitored for your safety and security.

Be in control (coming soon)

Get the full picture of your finances, plan ahead, and spend wisely.

Download Dzing to take control of your budget.


Want more?

Get a


Unlimited transfers within the EU

More free ATM withdrawals (limit £400)

INCREASED monthly limits £5,000 per month

One partner card for your relatives and friends – for FREE!

FREE primary card delivery within the UK and EU

Disposable virtual cards (coming soon)

Free EUR and GBP transfers

FREE issuance and delivery of additional cards

Recyclable ECO-cards

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