Get the best of modern, high-speed banking with an account to match your global lifestyle: easy and secure international transfers, free Mastercard® cards for your family members and friends. With Dzing Premium, there are no borders.

within Europe

Transfers to and from other Dzing cardholders are FREE!*

Transfers within the EU are FREE! 

Transfers to Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Canada and the USA are just £1

*Where available


Check the benefits

Low-fee currency

It’s no secret that currency exchange can get expensive.

Dzing is different. Your conversion operations are processed at the best rates we can find, while keeping our commissions and 3rd party charges to a minimum.

Twice the limit in ATM withdrawals*

Withdraw up to £400 from any ATM worldwide without paying Dzing fees. Save while traveling.

  • All withdrawals exceeding £400 are subject to standard commissions
  • Please note the ATM operator may add a surcharge
  • ATM withdrawals abroad are subject to 3rd party surcharges

*(vs. Dzing Core)


DZING REFRESH - a disposable virtual card (coming soon)

Dzing Refresh comes free with your subscription. This virtual card number automatically renews after every purchase.

Perfect for dealing with unknown vendors and to maintain your privacy.



Get up to three virtual Dzing Start cards.

They work as virtual wallets, helping you budget and compartmentalize your expenses.

card delivery

We’ll deliver your primary card for free to any UK or EU address

Ready for
the best?

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FREE transfers throughout Europe (SEPA) - includes up to 1 working day delivery!

ALL money transfers within the EU are FREE

Withdraw up to £600 from ATMs every month with NO FEES*

*ATM withdrawals exceeding the £600 limit are subject to standard charges; 3rd party charges may apply

Lower commissions for currency exchange operations

FREE cards for more of your loved ones (limit 2 additional complimentary cards)

Choice of designs from the Dzing card collection