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Whenever we shop online, we leave a digital footprint behind. That means our activity can be tracked and resold to 3rd parties. Looking for a little privacy?

Enter Dzing Refresh Mastercard® – a virtual card that eliminates the headache. It lets you shop without leaving a trace.
Dzing Refresh is a special feature available only for Dzing Premium and Dzing Elite cardholders.


What is it?

Dzing Refresh is a virtual card with a disposable number. The number is renewed automatically following every online purchase.

This allows you to avoid potential fraudsters as well as legitimate sellers who may track your shopping patterns for commercial purposes .

Use the Dzing app to generate a new Refresh virtual card in a flash.


Secure online shopping. Handy when you’re dealing with an unfamiliar vendor or don’t want to get locked into a subscription you can’t escape.

Makes it easy to say: “Use my card to buy this” without having to stress about fraudulent or unauthorized purchases.


Please bear in mind that you can’t use Dzing Refresh for recurring payments and pre-authorisations (when booking a hotel or renting a car).

You can always order a virtual  Dzing Start card or order one of Dzing’s plastic cards.