Best ways to save money on a trip abroad

In this day and age, travelling is not just about sightseeing. For many, it’s a way of living just as much as going to work or eating healthy. However, different countries dictate different rules, and sometimes even a little weekend trip can cost you a pretty penny. Thankfully, there are several ways you can cut down your expenses:

  1. Buy tickets in advance. Your best option would be to make a purchase somewhere between 50 and 100 days before the estimated departure. Remember that some airlines sell discounted tickets during September, and you can always choose to travel during the off-season.
  2. Research your accommodation. Many people choose a hotel because they are familiar with this experience or it’s available for a discount. Choosing a hostel or a rental property instead can save you a whole lot of pesos. Just make sure you are located near the public transport system and don’t forget to check into the reviews.
  3. Know your currency. With rates changing by the minute, the smart thing to do is to monitor them and exchange the currency in advance. Cash is absolutely necessary anywhere you go, however you may find using a Dzing card even more comfortable with its instant zero-fee currency exchange. You pay for a döner with pounds, and the döner guy gets his euros in a couple of seconds. It better be delicious!
  4. Use cheap transportation. Walking is your go-to method (pun intended) from a cost perspective, and there’s nothing like it if you really want to experience a new town. If it’s too long of a walk — fine, look into any discounted train and bus tickets for travellers. If you’re a group with a group ticket, remember to always stay together in order to avoid a fine.
  5. Dine wisely. There’s nothing easier than falling for tourist-tailored restaurants, but mostly they are too expensive and over-the-top. Eating somewhere local people eat daily is killing two birds with one stone: the food will likely be even more authentic, and you get to save up a considerable amount. Just don’t hesitate to ask around and pay no mind to a simpler interior.
  6. Shop wisely. Shopping can be quite tricky if you don’t do your research. For instance, the pricing in some Middle Eastern markets can be inflated to allow consumers to haggle for a better deal. But if you’re not savvy enough to know that, everyone will gladly accept the listed price from you. Don’t hesitate to read up on local customs before the trip.
  7. Entertain yourself for free. No, sneaking into Disneyland is a crime, so please don’t do that. Instead, figure out what free entertainment like local concerts and festivals you can take advantage of, and maybe book them in advance. For example, you can only visit the Louvre for free on the first Sunday of every month. Just make sure you’re there early: you’re not the only one who’d like to see Mona Lisa free of charge.

Some would argue that travelling is what life is all about, and they would be right. What’s the point in earning money if you don’t get to experience the world? These tips are not designed to restrict you, but to help you travel back and forth and still have your wallet full. Take advantage of them and don’t forget to have fun!