1 min to open GBP or Euro account

All you need to open an account is your smartphone. It’s convenient, it’s safe, and it’s free.

You will get a Dzing Mastercard® and an account in minutes.

With Dzing, you don’t need to provide any documents or even be a UK resident!

1 click


Download the app, complete the quick registration, confirm your email address and you’re ready to start using Dzing!

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an internationally agreed system for identifying bank accounts. IBAN use is mandatory in many countries.

To continue with Dzing, top-up your account. The available top-up methods are constantly expanding. Your app will keep you in the loop.

As soon as you have opened and topped up your account, you can choose a subscription, and generate a virtual card. You can also order a Mastercard to be delivered to your home, so you can access all of Dzing’s amazing features, including currency exchange, money transfers, withdrawals and so much more.