Cash withdrawals that save you money

We all love to travel!

Few things in life are better than going off the beaten path to discover a beautiful remote destination, filled with the promise of delicious food and drinks — as well as all the amazing local stories you’ll hear.

Truth is, paradise is often ‘cash only’. Aren’t you lucky that you’ve got Dzing?!

With Dzing, all cash withdrawals abroad are cheaper than ever before.

Which means you’ll always have enough to pay for another round, and another tale from the bartender.

Zero to pay

Most places around the world cash is still king. Dzing frees you from the tyranny of excessive commissions and hidden fees.

For Dzing Premium and Elite Mastercard® customers cash withdrawals abroad cost only 0,5% .*

* The ATM operator may add a surcharge (wish we could do something about that!)
* Withdrawals in foreign currencies may be subject to 3rd party charges