A snapshot view of your currency balances, and an aggregated balance for all your accounts.

Total balance, in one place

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of your money. Maybe you spread it among a few accounts, maybe you work with many currencies, or perhaps you just have more pressing concerns. With Dzing, you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

Your balance is shown in every currency you maintain, and a grand total is always available as well.



Pay your bills in any currency, with no exchange fees. How does this work? Here’s the simple math:

You have 60  pounds, 50 euros and 70 dollars in your Dzing accounts.  You find your dream pair of shoes while browsing the Web. The only problem is, they sell for 80 pounds. What can you do?

Answer: Go ahead and buy! Dzing will automatically convert funds from other accounts to supplement your GBP balance. Oh and by the way… those shoes look stunning on you!